Spring Rising

​Our story starts with winter and the frozen earth made of many fertile layers built-up over time. A seed is borne by the wind from a distant land. It lands on the ground and starts to take root in the slowly melting earth. Spring rises and new life is nurtured.

Following on from 2017’s successful Spring Waking spectacular, SPRING RISING continues our exploration of change and celebrates the growth and transformation of a community through the creation of a collaborative poem and illuminated visual artwork. 

Southwark Council have commissioned Emergency Exit Arts and Output Arts to create this brand-new free event for East Dulwich featuring a glowing procession with hundreds of people from across the community accompanied by live music. It will end at Goose Green, which will be transformed into a magical, immersive, illuminated garden featuring the work of our brilliant associate artists and poet, Sophia Walker, who will be exploring the themes of growth and change with different generations, including established and new residents in the East Dulwich area.

Do join us on Saturday 24 March 2018 for Spring Rising. 

Keep a look out here for more details including an open workshop at Albrighton Community Centre.

Event details

Sat 24 March 2018 • All day

Spring Rising Open Workshop Flyer
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