Southwark Presents: Spring Waking

EEA in collaboration with Output Arts recently created Spring Waking to celebrate the Spring Equinox and mark the changing of the seasons from winter to spring. The collaboration between the two companies supported several strands of work including:

  • An illuminated procession with drumming developed through workshops with schools and local communities
  • A day time street performance with the large images of an illuminated giant butterfly and a moth and South London Samba that was seen along Lordship Lane and North Cross market.
  • A staged performance with a specially composed, song based piece composed and sung by Bishi
  • A digital animation projected on a screen as part of the staged performance
  • A light and pyrotechnics finale

The partnership between EEA and Output Arts was expanded through a successful bid to Grants for the Arts from Output Arts. This provided opportunities for professional development and skills sharing between the two companies and enabled a more ambitious finale event featuring the work of world-class artists.

To watch the Spring fantasy take flight, watch our video:

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