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Artists at EEA have created illuminative LED neon murals which communicate themes of home, belonging and migration. The interactive installation effectively casts a rainbow spectacular all over its surrounding environment.

'This Is The Place' not only explores themes of home, belonging, and migration, the installation also reflects on human's connection to our ultimate home, Earth, by including common creatures in nature, such as snails, bees, and spiders.

One of the 5 artists who designed part of the walkthrough installation, Patrick Bullock, created a short poem, 'you're here, you're home', as a play on the cliché “you are here”, the message of climate change, and "the fact that I’m always getting my grammar wrong". Patrick also states "I find a message delivered with humour sticks in the mind far longer. These are just two small parts of the whole thing."

Contact us to book the murals for your next event.

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The installation is engaging, interactive, illuminative, and perfect for the audience's photos. The murals can be adapted to fit the event location and work well with EEA's Hourglass, currently touring with a story by @arjimanuelpillai; it features an interactive show that will help audiences connect with the idea that we are all ‘one world’ and ‘one people'.

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Bee at ltw
Fish mural
Murals at ltw
Sparkle in the park
PXL 20211201 174136016 NIGHT
PXL 20211201 174309538 NIGHT
PXL 20211201 175001572 NIGHT
Snail at ltw
Youre here youre home
You are here
Shooting stars
Bee at ltw 2


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