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Creative Activism raises social awareness and engenders the confidence to make real changes through investigating global and social issues. Our team of Creative Practitioners work with schools to create high impact projects that encourage young people to think and work together through creative action. These projects are designed to empower young people to express their opinions and inform others, becoming active and aware citizens in their school and wider community. 

We engage schools through:

  • Citizenship projects 
  • Creative Campaigns 
  • Community events and celebrations 
  • Bespoke projects with Primary and Secondary Schools 
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We work with schools, teachers and young people to involve them in high quality and imaginative learning experiences. Our multi-art form approach encourages creative investigation, individual expression and teamwork. Narratives, subjects and themes are brought to life in classrooms, playgrounds and public spaces through our Creative Practitioners, enhancing young people’s learning, understanding and engagement. These projects are produced in response to a school’s needs and deliver outcomes that involve the wider school community.

We engage schools through: 

  • Creative residencies and arts labs 
  • Transitional summer schools from Primary to Secondary education 
  • Cross curricular enrichment programmes 
  • Storytelling and literacy projects 
  • Family learning projects 
  • Public and playground art installations 
  • Immersive performances and installations 

Having time to explore what it really means to form healthy relationships has been an invaluable addition to our Year 13 pastoral tutorial delivery as well as being able to think through practical advice about not staying in an unhealthy relationship.

Fiona, Head of Year 13 at Thomas Tallis Secondary School
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Countless studies have shown creativity to have a positive impact on emotions and wellbeing. Our artists work within Art, Music, Dance and Drama to identify tips and tools students and teachers alike can use in class as well as their everyday lives to improve wellbeing and identify, manage and express their feelings 



The Arts LAB is about exploring the experimental nature of what happens when two art forms collide with one another creating a cross art form fusion. What happens when you mix dance with spoken word, or drama with shadow puppetry? Arts LABS are about encouraging creative risk taking to inspire young people to experiment with new ideas/approaches and to broaden their understanding of the arts and their role within it.

It was so different and unique. I think it gives us teenagers a chance to really express ourselves

I thought that it enabled us to come up with new and creative ideas that we were able to combine and develop the collaboration as a whole group rather than working individually.

Art Labs Participant
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