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The Giants

Customisable giant characters for parades and shows, delivering your message with live interaction.

Our giant, mechanical walk-about characters will thrill and astonish audiences. We can transform him into Gulliver or Henry VIII, St Patrick and St Magnus - or a bespoke character designed to your brief. With a live voice-over actor we can add the personal touch to his delivery of your message or strike up conversations with audience members. Add him to a parade or a finale show and you have the perfect spectacular for your festival.

The Giants hero

“I worked with EEA for a St. Patrick’s Day Stunt in London in March 2017. The crew were absolutely 110% professional and so easy to work with. I’m really thrilled I used their giant walking, talking, St. Patrick puppet as we got amazing feedback from media outlets across the UK & Ireland and our photos of the giant were widely used for St. Patrick’s Day in print and online media. We wouldn’t have achieved these fantastic results if it wasn’t for the professionalism and skill that the crew provided on the day.”

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Des Burke
Tourism Ireland

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