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Site Specific

Tailoring Spectacular Events to Unique and Diverse Locations!

EEA relish a challenge and create everything from large-scale spectaculars to intimate celebrations in all kinds of settings. We’ve worked in castles, canals, rivers, parks, beaches, high streets, tunnels and even deserts.

We are always sensitive to our surroundings and carry out an environmental impact assessment to ensure there will be no lasting impact on wildlife or natural habitats and we will never compromise the safety of our audiences.

At Light The Way festival in Thamesmead, EEA effectively used architectural lighting to illuminate the historic ruins of Lesnes Abbey.

For Sparkle In The Park, our team of artists created neon LED murals that explored themes of home, belonging and migration. Effectively responding to the unique location of a tennis court, the murals were made to be attached to the grids which encompassed the court and communicated the intended narrative, while casting a rainbow spectacular all over the surrounding environment.

Lesnes abbey blue

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