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Fire Fayre

Experience the Magic of FIRE FAYRE—Affordable Fire Shows Packed with Fun and Excitement for All!

For those with tighter budgets or smaller venue footprints Emergency Exit Arts and Lightfires have devised the FIRE FAYRE.

The FIRE FAYRE still retains all the wonder, excitement and immersive experience of our large-scale fire shows by using some of their fire installations along with lighting and a new fairground soundscape.

Our carnival barkers Dr Suzi Q, Miss Hydrilious Phileas and Mr Bradley Slingshot invite the audience to test their mettle on the Test Your Strength Machine, The Hydro Blaster and the Atomic Accelerator respectively. If you ring the bell, blast the gyroscope or hit the target your prize is a giant fireball! After all that excitement you can relax around the fire pits, watch magical coloured flames and listen to poetry about fire...

All the fun of the Fayre!

The FIRE FAYRE is a show for all ages and runs for a maximum of 3 hours over an evening, it can be repeated on consecutive nights. The show works best in an area of between 500 – 700 sq metres.

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If you are interested in having Fire Fayre at your event or want more details, please get in touch.
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EEA are committed to delivering their fire shows in as sustainable a way as possible, this means using responsibly sourced fuels such as wood from a sustainable source, smokeless fuels and the use of biofuel for the gas effects - this biofuel is called Futuria Liquid Gas.

The gas is supplied to us by a method called Mass Balance which is explained here.

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