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Flight of Fancy

Unleash Imagination through Creative Learning and Collaboration!

Flight of Fancy is our Creative Learning project inviting KS2 children and their families to venture into places of limitless possibility and take a flight of fancy by peeking into the imaginations of others. This flight encompassed invention, digital animation, drawing, collaborative mark making and surprise as each school created the content for their own installation to convey a larger than life experience.

The digital installation of bird boxes toured to different public spaces in Greenwich throughout the summer 2019 and were viewed and experienced by members of the public. Children and their families could also participate in visual arts activities responding to the themes and content from the installations.

Flight of Fancy Promotional Artwork

“Flights of Fancy provided our class with an oasis of creativity in a busy school week which the children looked forward to enjoying. The project’s themes of home and nesting were easy for the children to understand and interpret. Through the free flow activities, children began to let go of notions of perfection which enabled their creativity to flow more readily – also in other subjects. The children also reported that they felt happier and calmer after the sessions, which was visible in the classroom on subsequent days.”

Cherry orchard
Suzanne Glaser
Cherry orchard Primary School

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The project was developed to improve the creative wellbeing of young people within the theme of ‘My home, my nest’ and to support the significance of family values. The young people took a voyage of the imagination through the eyes of a bird to re-imagine new worlds and landscapes to see themselves and others differently to develop empathy. We experimented with activities to encourage students to change habits and learn new ways of thinking to avoid comfort zones. There is growing evidence that creativity can make a significant difference to our health and wellbeing – and also to how they feel about, and interact with their community by changing habits, taking personal responsibility for their actions and seeing an alternative perspective. People who know how to watch, listen, and observe the actions and emotions of those around them are often the most successful in life.

We worked with students at a secondary school as co-creators within the project, allowing them to participate, consult and create in all elements of the design and direction.

Each school made work in response to the theme and their work was digitalised as an animation. The installations were housed and disguised in bird boxes, giving spectators the element of surprise as they peeked inside the hole and were transported to the depths and dizzying heights of the young people’s imaginations.

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