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Cultural Education Partnerships (CEPs)

Greenwich CEP: Uniting Sectors to Enhance Cultural Education for Local Youth

Cultural Education Partnerships (CEPs) are cross-sector, strategic partnerships that work together to unite and improve cultural education for children and young people in their local area. While all Local CEPs are working together towards the same goal - making a long-term and sustainable impact on cultural education in their areas - each CEP is very different. They are all locally driven and rooted in the specific challenges and opportunities of their place.

The Greenwich CEP was formed out of a shared desire to work in more interconnected ways and opportunities to ensure that all young people in Greenwich are having a rich and varied cultural experience.

Who is part of it

The CEP has representation from Greenwich based…

  • Arts/Cultural organisations.
  • Independent artists/practitioners
  • Local authority - Royal Borough of Greenwich (members of the education and cultural teams)
  • Schools
  • Community organisations

Members of the Greenwich CEP Steering Group include:

Pragya Kumar – Artiday Freelance Artist

Emma Wilcox – Royal Borough of Greenwich

Ruth Boley – Royal Museums Greenwich

Daniel Bernstein – Emergency Exit Arts

Tammy Saltern - Cardwell Primary School

Shanika Warren – Emergency Exit Arts

Melanie Hawthorne - Royal Borough of Greenwich

Elizabeth Church - Royal Borough of Greenwich

Barbara Foster – Royal Borough of Greenwich

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Booking form

The Greenwich CEP has an online platform where schools and cultural organisations can reach out, communicate and share what they are doing and what they’re looking for. Please get in touch if you’d like to be involved.

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