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Marsha Kinkaid

Fallback 2

Marsha Kinkaid is the founder and Chairperson of the Caletock Estate Resident Association - CERA, who with a great team, support the lives of the families and residents on the Caletock Estate in East Greenwich. The association was created with particular emphasis on those who feel under-represented, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

Some of CERA’s successes come in the form of networking Marsha has been involved in with RBG Councillors, local government departments, charities, and local East Greenwich businesses; connecting and understanding the community and its needs; fundraising events and acquiring successful bids using various funding streams; and the planning and management of events on the Caletock Estate. Marsha was the founder of The Happy Mummy Project which focused on positive mental health and safe space for mothers with young children. The project was championed as significant by a local Councillor, due to the barriers Marsha was able to navigate through to make the project the success it became.

She is a wife, a mother and a civil servant by day, and on some nights, this singer songwriter is lead vocalist for a soul funk band who perform across the South of England. Marsha has extensive experience in the arts by way of music and has sung at some significant events such as the Greenwich Party in the Park 2022, Greenwich Get Together 2021 and 2022, Sparkle in the Park 2021, Olympics Games 2012 and has been fortunate to have toured and sung professionally with bands in the UK and across Europe.

It has been the community work in CERA that has brought Marsha to the Emergency Exit Arts - EEA.

She is keen to use her investigative mind, life experience and knowledge of real community needs to help achieve positive outcomes for all invested interest to any project. She is excited and thrilled to be asked to join the EEA Board of Trustees.

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