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5 eyes. 5 ways of looking. 5 ways of thinking about peace.

FREE and suitable for all ages

Blink invites people to think about how fragile and complex Peace is as they journey through five different walk-through experiences.

Each experience happens inside a giant eye, each inspired by a different community and a different place in the country.

Researched and produced by young people in Dewsbury, Stoke, Peterborough and Sheerness, BLINK draws on our local and national history of peace to ask you what kind of future you want to see.

Peace is a doing word, what will you do?

Tour dates and locations:

BLINK: Dewsbury 9 November, 15:30-20:30 Dewsbury, Market Square, WF13 1DN (Map) Book a free ticket (link)

BLINK: Stoke-on-Trent 16 November, 16:00-21:00 Burslem Town Square, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 4AT (Map)

BLINK: Peterborough 23 November, 16:00-21:00 Peterborough, Cathedral Square, PE1 1XB (Map)

BLINK: Sheerness 30 November, 17:00-21:00 Sheerness, Beach St Park, ME12 1RE (Map)

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BLINK is the culmination of Paper Peace, a year-long national arts and heritage programme created by renowned outdoor arts company Emergency Exit Arts, in association with B Arts, Creative Scene, Ideas Test and Vivacity.

Paper Peace is a national programme of activity exploring the UK’s peace heritage. As we look around and see fractured and divided communities we are challenging ourselves and those around us to think about peace. What do we mean by peace? Who protects it? How do we nourish it? What can we learn from previous peace builders and activists?

Paper Peace has many strands of work taking place in 2019 and beyond.

BLINK is the result of the hard work of a brilliant group of 48 18 – 25 year olds in our Young Producers Programme. This 6-month long programme trained young people from across the country in heritage and event productions skills to unearth the UKs rich peace building history and commission local artists to create responses. These responses will be part of the wider walk-through experience that is BLINK. BLINK will take you on a journey of different perspectives through a series of playful artworks exploring and challenging our concepts of peace building and activism in the UK.

Journey through 5 giant eyes to explore local and national actions for Peace.

Play with responsive artworks from around the UK.

Think about what Peace feels like to you and your community.

Find out what we can do today to bring Peace one step closer.

Think Big.

See More.

When and where is BLINK happening?

Blink will appear in a different town each Saturday during the month of November.

  • Saturday 9 November, 15:30 – 20:30 Dewsbury Market Place, Dewsbury WF13 1DW
  • Saturday 16 Novermber, 16:00-21:00 Burslem Town Square, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 4AT
  • Saturday 23 November 2019, 16:00-21:00 Peterborough Cathedral Square, Peterborough PE1 1XB
  • Saturday 30 November 17:00-21:00 Beachfields Park, Sheerness, ME12 1RE

What are the opening times?

The installation opens at 15:30 or 16:00 depending on the location (check timings above) and it will remain open for 5 hours. Experiencing the whole show from start to finish will take you an estimated 60 minutes. People are of course free to take their own time and leave at any point. Depending on capacity you might be able to leave the show and re-enter at a later time.

Is there any age limit?

No. This show is suitable for all ages. BLINK offers a journey to discover and challenge preconceptions of peace from which anyone can learn and take something new with them.

Is the event wheelchair accesible?

Absolutely. We also have stewards and chairs available to make the journey more accesible. For any additional access requirements please contact our team by emailing [email protected].uk or call 020 8853 4809

Do I need to book in advance? How much are the tickets?

BLINK is FREE and open to everyone. For some you might have the option to book a free ticket online to secure a time slot. This is to ensure an enjoyable experience as well as to make sure the installation doesn't exceed capacity. Free tickets booked online are subject to availability and our terms and conditions. All children must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 and above.

Too book at free ticket for the show on 9th November in Dewsbury, go here

What happens if I arrive without a ticket? What do I need to bring with me to gain entry to the event?

The installation is free and open to everyone. In cases where we experience high numbers of visitors, you might be allocated a different time slot and be invited to wait to enter at a later time. No tickets are required but some of the BLINK events might offer the option to book a free tickets online (see previous FAQ)

Who can I contact if I have a query?

For general queries you can contact Emergency Exit Arts by emailing [email protected] or calling: 020 8853 4809

For location-specific queries you can also contact each of the organisations hosting the event:

Will the event be filmed or photographed?

Yes. We will be filming and photographing inside the event to capture the atmosphere and entertainment to share on our web and social media sites and in any future promotion of this (and other) events by Emergency Exit Arts and partners B-Arts, Vivacity, Ideas Test and Creative Scene

By attending the event, you give your express consent to your actual or simulated likeness to be included within any film, photograph, audio and/or audio-visual recording to be exploited in any and all media for any purpose at any time throughout the world. Please alert the photographer or filmmaker if you would prefer not to be included. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Can I donate to the project?

As an arts charity we believe in the power of the arts as a force for social good. Any donations are welcome and will help up us continue realise our mission for another 40 years! Donate now

Who is organising this event?

Paper Peace has been created by Emergency Exit Arts with a brilliant team of partners and artists to make this project happen. (For a full list of credits including artists and young producers involved see the bottom of this page)

Can I bring pets?

Pets are not permitted inside the eye structures. Light, sounds and narrow spaces present inside the installation will not be suitable for animals.

Is there anything I can't bring into the event?

Visitors are not permitted to bring any of the following items into the installation:

  • Fireworks
  • Alcohol
  • Dogs
  • Bikes
  • Glass
  • Weapons

Will there be a covered area if it rains?

Most of the event takes place inside an enclosed structure but remember to wrap up warm, wear appropriate clothing and be prepared for wet weather.

How do I keep up to date?

A press release will be distributed through the official channels. Please follow @EELondon on Twitter for updates.

BLINK and Paper Peace have been created by Emergency Exit Arts

  • National partners: B Arts (Stoke-on-Trent), Creative Scene (Dewsbury), Ideas Test (Swale and Medway) and Vivacity (Peterborough)
  • Creative Director: Chloe Osborne
  • Designed by Nina Dunn and Rūta Irbīte
  • Creative Partner: The Brick Box
  • Lead Heritage Partner The Peace Museum
  • Supported by Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund and 101 Outdoor Arts Creation Space.

BLINK 1: HERE created by The Brick Box in collaboration with artist Eetu Palomäki and lead artist Ben Cummins

BLINK 2: RECONCILE created by artist Jodie Gibson in partnership with B-Arts

  • Commissioned by Cynthia Coady, Chloe Belcher, Katy Goodwin, Harry Jukes, Georgia Kliment-Temple, Amy Louise Matthews, Chloe Rickett, Malaz al Shatter, Danny Shaw, Rory Smart, Kath Walton, Natalie Willatt.
  • With contributions from Richard Redwin, Danny Shaw, Julianna Skarzynska, Imrana Waheed, Natalie Willatt and Nick Degg

BLINK 3: RESIST created by artist David Boultbee (Bread Art Collective) in partnership with Creative Scene

  • Commissioned by: Shazia Bibi, Chris Boyce, Hamish Dee, Corrie Leader, Iqra Rafiq, Jonathan Price, Joshua Smith and Alicia Womersley
  • Thanks to The Peace Museum, Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield and National Arts Education Archive at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

BLINK 4: EXPLORE created by artist Natasha Steer (Creatabot) in partnership with Ideas Test

  • Commissioned by Katherine Pegler, Solomon Dada, Sathyapriyan Mohan, Jasmine Ee, David Adeyemi, Chris Page, Shannon Cole, Ebony Myles-Macauley, Ramona Giles.

BLINK 5: HOPE created by artists Sean Clark, Leonie Dubarry-Gurr, Kat Cashman, James Frize in partnership with Vivacity

  • Commissioned by Lukhmann Ali, Toby Hoten, Sophie Stedman, Emma Evans, Rachel Goodacre, Jamila Khalil, Melissa Gray, Stella Smith, Anna Houlton, Kristine Vaivode, Angela Kolokotroni, Genny Britton
  • BLINK 5 AW 3
  • BLINK 3 AW 104
  • BLINK 2 AW 88
  • BLINK 0 AW 34

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