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Young Citizen’s Initiative


This Autumn as part of our Creative Activism Programme EEA are working with, Forest Hill School to launch a Young Citizen's Initiative which will build on the success of their Youth & Philanthropy Initiative and deliver a programme that actively engages the school’s students in the planning and delivery of activities, events and projects that seek to address the priorities, issues and needs identified within the school’s local community.

The YCI will aim to:

  • Enhance students/young people’s learning through engagement in hands-on experiences within real-world contexts;
  • Develop students/young people’s life, employment and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Engage students/young people as active citizens, increasing their sense of responsibility and citizenship, and enhancing their cultural and social knowledge and understanding;
  • Nurture the talent and potential of students/young people:
  • Provide, where appropriate, formal accreditation for personal and skills development/training undertaken.

The YCI will seek to develop students/young peoples:

  • team work and ability to collaborate and develop positive relationships;
  • communication and presentation skills (inc. public speaking);
  • research and analytical skills;
  • critical thinking, problem-solving and decision making skills;
  • entrepreneurial skills/ability;
  • planning and project management skills;
  • mentoring and coaching skills;
  • self-management and initiative

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