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Volunteer opportunity on THE KINGWOOD DRAW


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A unique participatory public art event at Kingswood House, Dulwich, Southwark.

In collaboration with The International Collaborative Drawing Project and artists Ivan Liotchev, Julia Vogl and Jaygo Bloom, The Kingswood Draw will spend a month working with participants from the Kingswood Estate, Dulwich Southwark and surrounding area to create evolving art works in and around The Grade 2 listed building of Kingswood House.

The project will run from the 27th of March to the 17th of April.

The project will offer participants the opportunity to contribute to playful large scale art works that will be shared in a final event on April 17th.

Volunteers will work alongside the lead artists on all aspects of production - from helping create the art and assisting participants during workshops, to preparing the artwork for display on the event day and helping run activities on the day.

You will gain fun hands-on experience working on a large public art project alongside international artists and the Kingswoond community. Please download the full Volunteer Brief and Project Overview for more information.

If interested, please email Ivan Liotchev - [email protected], with a few words about yourself and why you are interested in this opportunity.

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