The Kingswood Draw

Interactive Dulwich arts labs let will allow you to unleash creativity. Experiment with your creativity at a collection of free arts labs for all ages in Dulwich on Thursday, April 17.

Kingswood House will be a hive of activity from 2pm to 8pm, with collaborative drawing, edible art, lighting and dance, and social sculpture.

With this kind of range of different art we are hoping to cater for all the age groups. People are all different and want different things, that’s why we want to have a range.

Ivan Liotchev, Lead artist
The kingswood draw 2

Artist Patrick Bullock will run the Eating Lab where visitors can get messy with food and create sweet or savoury art work that is good enough to eat.

In the Playing Lab, Jaygo Bloom and the Carl Campbell Dance Company 7 will invite people to use movement to draw with light and film.

Dance your way across the room to generate unique colours and patterns on the walls, ceiling and floor.

Julia Vogl will be creating an evolving sculpture in the Connecting Lab with the help of a knitting group, where visitors will share ideas of home and identity by weaving threads around one another to grow into a web of ideas.

Ivan, in the Drawing Lab, will be giving visitors the chance to contribute to giant canvasses which will be displayed around the Kingswood Estate.

It’s about bringing ideas together and expressing freely and collaborating. It is also a kind of cultural exchange.

Ivan Liotchev
The kingswood draw 3

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