Creativity moves to the home!

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Thamesmead Festival 2017 by Emergency Exit Arts. Featured in Arts Council England’s new Strategy 2020-2030

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Here at EEA we have spent 40 years fighting against the idea that there was no such thing as community. Of course there is – and the last few weeks are proving it. We think we are needed now more than ever.

We are open, we are determined and we want to work with you and your communities during this most difficult time. There is also now a surge in amazing material online. That’s great but EEA are offering something a bit different to help translate online to in-home, in-windows, on doorsteps and when safe to do so, back on the street. We specialise in getting people to make art and we want this to continue in the home. Check out some of our ideas below.

It is sad but necessary that we have had to postpone or cancel some (not all) of our current live events until it is safe to run them again. But we are hard at work producing and devising more projects for later this year and into 2021.

So please contact us! Whether it is ideas during this lockdown phase, during the imminent school holidays when teachers are resting from setting our children work remotely, or in anticipation of when we are ready to gather again outdoors. We are here and have an abundance of ideas, resources and practitioners to support you. Please contact us at [email protected]

Above all we stay safe and try to find ways to connect and look after each other.

We are not called Emergency Exit Arts for nothing.

Creativity moves to the home!

EEA are committed to exploring ways for us to celebrate collectively through creativity. We have a number of ideas that can be developed and displayed in homes before coming out onto the streets again when safe to do so

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We Are All Giants

An exciting project which sees communities prepare for the arrival of a giant on their local streets. Weekly chunks of narrative and participatory activities create an exciting project for the whole family to get involved with as we eagerly await the giant's arrival from our homes. Imagine the excitement and emotion when he arrives!

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A programme of artist-led digital workshops in dance, music, and making which leads up to the big virtual event itself. We will create downloadable packs for families. These resources are accessible and use recycled materials that we all have at home. The results can be displayed and practised in the house before coming to life on the streets when safe to do so.

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My Window, Our Masterpiece

A participatory art project designed for whole streets and estates to take part in at once, using their windows as galleries and creating a street-wide masterpiece.

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Creative Workshops in Schools

We are very appreciative of the schools that are staying open for those who are vulnerable or children of key workers. In order to support teachers at this difficult time EEA have been thinking of some ways to inject creativity into the curriculum! Whether it’s resource packs, creative lesson plans or delivering workshops when allowed EEA have ideas big and small for your school.

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Schools Out for….ever?

Some parents are discovering it's not so easy working from home whilst ensuring their children are engaged and learning. One day can feel like a whole week! Please see here for some amazing online creative resources. We have some great ideas for the school holidays specifically designed for local authorities, housing associations and others looking to enrich their communities.

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Thamesmead Trainee Producers Moves Online

In early March EEA alongside Peabody introduced the Thamesmead Trainee Producers course, training 16-25-year-olds on the fundamentals of outdoor producing. Keeping everybody safe is the most important thing, so while we can no longer meet in person it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop! Our sessions will now be held online, using a combination of Google classroom and Zoom class sessions.

As the situation continues to evolve our Trainee Producers will still learn the skills they need to produce in both the physical and digital space.

For more information on our Trainee Producing courses, please contact Shanika on [email protected]

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Help us deliver moments of wonder for another 40 years!

A huge thanks to all our amazing staff & practitioners, funders, bookers, clients, Arts Council England, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Outdoor Arts UK, Drs, nurses, cleaners, teachers, teaching assistants, shelf-stackers, delivery drivers, key workers…and all the others that are showing support to enable us to carry on in these tricky times. Might this be the time you help us to help them by donating to support us? We would greatly appreciate it and know that it will make a huge difference

If you use Amazon for your online shopping, remember to make purchases via their special site Amazon Smile so they donate 0.5% of your purchase price to us at no extra cost to you! 🤲❤️ Add EEA as your charity of choice here

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Spring Rising lantern procession by Emergency Exit Arts. Featured in Arts Council England’s new Strategy 2020-2030

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