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Ready? From Tiny Acorns will take over the Jubilee on 5th June

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Emergency Exit Arts and Mandinga Arts present From Tiny Acorns, a spellbinding celebration of our country’s diversity and our strong communities as part of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

On Sunday 5 June 2022, under the watchful eyes of a billion viewers across the globe, London’s streets will come alive in riot of colour, music, dance and carnival as outdoor arts pioneers Emergency Exit Arts (EEA) and Mandinga Arts parade From Tiny Acorns.

“From tiny acorns mighty oaks grow”, and at the heart of the parade a mighty oak tree will stand tall, a symbol of stability in the face of constant storms and shifting winds. It is both a striking metaphor for Her Majesty’s 70-year reign and for the resilience and strength of all of our people including those from LGBTQIA+ communities across the globe.

Seven metre-long ribbons will unfurl from a spectacular maypole, to reveal an image of The Queen on one side and the spectrum of rainbow colours on the other. The rainbow is a global symbol celebrating the diversity of human sexuality and gender. 

More than 200 performers from across the country will take part in From Tiny Acorns. The troupe of musicians, dancers, artists, and performers will connect communities from all across the UK, featuring participants of all ages and a variety of ethnicities, celebrating the many cultures and experiences that make up the beauty of this country. Performers are coming from Blackpool, Northern Ireland, Southend, London, Preston, Milton Keynes, and many more.

The Gangsta Grans, an over 60's street dance group from Preston, will be opening From Tiny Acorns dressed in fabulous Baiana costumes, alongside the elder ladies from the Iberian Folk Dance Group based in South London. The group is made up of 12 over 60's, who practice Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American dances. Dressed in elaborate costumes, our performers will interact with the gathered crowds in playful performances set to the percussive beats of Rhythms of the City.

  • Date: 5 June 2022 
  • Location: Buckingham Palace, London, SW1A 1AA 
  • Open to the public, no booking required 

“At EEA we are renowned for staging spectacular large-scale performances that bring the nation together, and The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant is about as big as it gets. We are incredibly proud to have been chosen, with Mandinga, to create a spectacular celebration of The Queen’s 70-year reign, with such a diverse mix of participants whilst raising awareness about people everywhere to be free, safe, and equal. We’re creating an extravagant and exciting feast for the senses, to bring colour and joy to the streets of London.”

Daniel Bernstein

“Mandinga Arts champions carnival and outdoor arts with communities both in the UK and worldwide. This unique moment provides a one-off opportunity on a scale rarely seen. 250 participants from communities around the UK join forces with us and EEA to share with the nation the very best in creativity, colour, exuberance and pulsing energy. It celebrates the last seven decades of our collective history, and raises awareness of what can be achieved when coming together!”

Charles Beauchamp
Mandinga Arts Artistic Director

EEA and Mandinga Arts were specially commissioned by the Pageant Master, Adrian Evans, to present one of only 12 large-scale creations in Act 3 of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant Let’s Celebrate, which focuses on creativity, ingenuity, humour and community spirit to celebrate The Queen’s extraordinary life experience.

“The Platinum Jubilee Pageant is a hugely important opportunity to celebrate and promote equality. If just one LGBTQIA+ girl, boy or non-binary child sees their community represented and feels included in the rainbow of performers in this historic occasion, knowing they will watch with a smile on their face will be worth the effort.”

David Corbell

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