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Platform Shift + Creative Forum - Budapest


The Creative Forum is an accompanying event for PLATFORM shift+, the European artistic network created to meet the new challenges of producing theatre for young people in the digital age. The eleven partners from nine countries have identified the urgent need to engage with digital technology in order to understand their target audience.

Opportunities for learning and professional development are delivered through these annual Creative Forums including TED style talks and hands-on workshops. Using these methods PLATFORM shift+ brings the internationally acclaimed Shift Happens conference model from lead partner Pilot Theatre (UK) to a new transnational audience.

Creative Forums are sharing and learning events that are attended by PLATFORM shift+ delegates and are also open to local participants. Global audiences are connected through digital channels. All TED style talks/presentations no longer than 20 min, will be streamed via the internet.

19th June 2016, 9am GMT.

For a full list of speakers download the programme.

For details of the live stream follow the PLATFORM shift+ Facebook page or Twitter feed

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