EEA's NPO status continues for 3 more years!

We’re pleased to announce that Arts Council England is continuing to support EEA through the National Portfolio programme. We have been awarded standstill funding of £120,094 per year, for the next three years.

EEA has merited public investment for the last 24 years by opening up access to high-quality arts activities to underserved audiences nationally. We are delighted that Arts Council England recognises this with their continued commitment to us.

Whilst we are disappointed that we have not been successful with an uplift through this investment round, we will take some time to rethink and revise the ambitious programme that we set out in our application and how else we might fund this work.

We made a number of commitments in our application and in particular we are looking forward to an exciting next step into the vibrant cultural community in Medway with whom we have been working with for the past three years. More of our work will be delivered in, for and with the Medway community, as well as continuing the great work we do nationally.

Whilst we forge new paths in EEA’s rich history, we will not forget our roots and will continue delivering diverse work in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and Rothbury Hall - our home for over 30 years.

We appreciate that this day can be one of great celebration for lots of organisations and one of great uncertainty for others. To all our friends in the sector who haven’t been successful with their funding: our door is open to you for cups of tea and collaboration.

Dana Segal (Chair) and the team at EEA.

For an insight on our work, have a look at our latest Impact Report

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