Carnival Floats

EEA has been commissioned to create new floats for carnivals this summer...

EEA is pleased to announce that it has been commissioned by The UK Centre for Carnival Arts to make the Carnival Cross Roads East Bound Float in preparation for the Luton carnival on July 8th.

Lead by UKCCA Creative Director Pax Nindi, Carnival Crossroads "East Bound" has been chosen by LOCOG to represent the East of England's and carnival's contribution to London 2012 Festival.

More about the Carnival Crossroads Project here

London School of Samba EEA are also delighted to have been commissioned by the London School of Samba to make an equally spectacular giant float for their carnival offer this year. The float has been designed by EEA artist Patrick bullock and will be going out to Notting Hill Carnival on 27th August and other events over the summer.

The floats are being created by EEA’s designer Patrick Bullock and Gordon Allum, Emma Garofalo and Pablo Cattermole with help from Rachel McLachlan, Tito Vega, Billie Raine and artists from Southend, Norwich, Cambridge, Ipswich and Luton.

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