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This summer EEA’s young participants have been involved in some amazing projects and have produced some truly outstanding work. Each project has been documented by them on individual project blogs:

Greenwich Games Space - The project is designed to encourage young people to explore their relationship to their local built environment, particularly public spaces and the public within them

Solar Summer School - A transition summer school for those entering Coreli College - On the 9th of September 2012 the Summer School participants and their parents and guardians will be marching together on The Mayor’s Thames Festival Night Carnival. "The summer school is excellent because we get to do all creative stuff like making the snake, the warrior skirt and head-dress. It makes me confident and I’ve met new friends" Chelsea, aged 11

Uncover Spoken Word and Outdoor Arts - A Summer School for young people experiment in animating their local area with Visual Arts, Performance and Poetry interventions. These will be performaned for The Albany’s Outdoor Weekend on Saturday 8 September

“Oh Deptford Highstreet with its bad reputation but what do you expect from a betting shop nation our job centres are pound shops That’s what i see first Deptford junk market is that all that we’re worth”

Street Arts Academy - At the Southbank Centre on 7th July 2012 The Youth Panel made important changes to their mission statement:

Street Arts Academy Youth Panel 2012 We provide outdoor entertainment and give young people a chance to be heard. As a group we want to:

  • develop self and group confidence
  • encourage young people to be themselves
  • challenge stereotypes
  • inspire creativity
  • take creative risks
  • provide opportunities to develop new skills
  • challenge young people beyond their expectations
  • make great things happen in public spaces


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