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ZARA... in your living room!


Event details

Sun 19 April 2020 • 8:00pm – 9:00pm

To celebrate the anniversary of ZARA we will be streaming the final performance which took place outside the Imperial War Museum, London, direct to your living rooms on Sunday 19 April at 8pm for FREE.

The streaming will be accessible at Mind the Gap's YouTube channel here:

We have also set up a Facebook event: – don’t forget to click 'Going' and invite your friends and family too!

A mix between Godzilla and the Paralympics Opening Ceremony

Director Joyce Lee

With a soaring musical score, a cast of over 100, cherry pickers, tanks, 3D projections and a mechanical, moving ‘baby’ that's bigger than a double decker bus, ZARA is a truly unique experience. This giant outdoor theatre event for the whole family tells the epic story of one learning disabled mother and her fight to protect her baby.

ZARA is co-produced by Mind the Gap and Walk the Plank in association with Emergency Exit Arts

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