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Creative Workshops - Which Woolwich Stories


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Sat 10 June 2023 • 2:00pm


22 Jun 2023 • 3:00pm

Join us for these FREE artists workshops taking place in community spaces in Woolwich! Open to all people, we would love to create, experiment and learn with you. 

In many workshops, your artistic creations will become part of the artist’s final artworks, which will be displayed in and around Woolwich High Street in July!  

Jigsaw Piece Painting Workshops – by Alessandra Tortone 

Help create this collaborative jigsaw artwork!   

Join Alessandra to create and paint jigsaw pieces that celebrate Woolwich’s wonderfully diverse yet interconnected communities.  

When & where:  
Sat 10th June, 12-2pm, Woolwich library, 35 Wellington Street, London, SE18 6HQ  
Sat 17th June, 12-2pm, Woolwich library  
Wed 14th June, 10am-12pm, ArtFix Woolwich, 51 Powis St, London SE18 6HZ  
Thurs 22nd June, 12-2pm, ArtFix Woolwich 

Email or text Alessandra to sign up. Max 10 people per workshop.  

[email protected]    

Leaf Art Workshop – by Ellen Strachan 

In this workshop, you will be creating ‘leaves’ and writing messages for the Woolwich Tree-preciation mural created by Ellen (and you!) to celebrate the street trees of Woolwich.   
Your work will form part of this public artwork to be displayed on Powis Street during July as part of the Which Woolwich Stories cultural trail.   

When & Where: Sun 11th June, 11am-1pm, ArtFix Woolwich 
Address: 51 Powis St, London SE18 6HZ  

Email Ellen to sign up: [email protected]  

Roots (Art and Nature) Workshop – by Harpreet Uppal  

Interested in drawing, printing and jewellery making?   

Join Harpreet to create these forms of art works to explore your ideas of what home means to you. The final pieces will be hung in local trees, becoming intertwined with the natural environment of Woolwich itself!   

When & Where: Sat 10th June, 2-4pm, Woolwich Library Foyer 

Address: Woolwich Library, 35 Wellington Street, London, SE18 6HQ  

Email Harpreet to sign up: [email protected]   

When & Where: Fri 16th & Sat 17th June, ArtFix Woolwich

Address: 51 Powis St, London SE18 6HZ

Edible Jewellery Making Workshop - by Eunice Bossman-Okai

Come and create jewellery pieces using edible materials from diverse cultures and sourced in local shops! 

When & Where: Wed 5th July, artFix cafe, 6-8pm

Transit: Mark-Making Drawing and Portraiture Art Workshops - by Geoffrey Chambers

In these workshops, explore the relationship between Woolwich and transportation, considering the constant movement of people, whether it's temporary or permanent, both physically and mentally. Delve into the question of how being in transit affects our sense of belonging and what new narratives we can uncover about Woolwich. 

The primary emphasis will be on portraiture, encouraging participants to move beyond striving for realistic images and instead convey emotionally charged personal stories through simple mark-making techniques. 

By attending these workshops, participants agree to complete a questionnaire regarding their experiences in Woolwich. The responses may be recorded, and their likeness may be used in large-scale images for public display. 

When & Where:  Fri 16th June, 4-6pm, artFix Woolwich
Sat 17th June, 11am-1pm, Woolwich library 

Tapestry & African Textiles Workshop - by Lucy Isaiah and Nicola Reid 

Learn the craft of designing and creating tapestry works and learn about the vibrant world of African materials and symbols! 

When & Where: Wed 21st June, 11am-1pm, Woolwich Library Foyer



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