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Performing Places Bexley


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Wed 3 July 2019 • 12:00am


06 Jul 2019 • 12:00am

In 2018 Bexley became the centre of some strange happenings as it embarked on a new place making venture called “Performing Places Bexley”. Spearheaded by Professor Sally Mackey and The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in conjunction with London Borough of Bexley, the project explored the fabric of place and followed the narrative of a parallel universe called Par-Bexia. The local community embraced beings called “Par-Bexians” and showed them what their community and place means to them, and in doing so helped the being understand their own environment better. The portal has reopened and the Par Bexians are back to seek the help of the people once again. (more info can be accessed HERE)

Check out the project website to catch up on the latest developments and see what happened last year…

Place making activities Wednesday 3rd – Friday 5th July 2.45pm – 5.00pm

Finale event Saturday 6th July 10.00am – 1.00pm

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