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Frank & McStein's Monster Laboratory


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Thu 26 October 2023 • 5:00pm


28 Oct 2023 • 9:00pm

It’s back! Get ready for Halloween in Paisley, where gothic creatures and macabre masterpieces await.

Paisley Halloween Festival is one of the biggest and best of its kind in the UK and this year has the theme of ‘Gothic Halloween’. As always, it’s free to attend.

For all your Paisley Halloween Festival information, please visit: 

We’re looking forward to inviting you to the premiere of our new fiery spectacular 'Frank & McStein’s Monster Laboratory, Out of the lab, into the fire' in association with Lightfires, between Thursday 26th and Saturday 28th October (5 to 9pm each night).  

Out of the lab, into the fire... 
For the first time ever Professors Frank and McStein welcome you to their M.O.N.S.T.E.R. LAB – The Ministry of Nonsensical Science and Terrifying Experimental Research.  
Onlookers will bear witness to their insane attempt at awakening the most frightening, horrific and disgraceful creature known to man.  

Should you choose to enter the M.O.N.S.T.E.R. LAB (that's if you're brave enough) your objective is to produce enough power to bring a being beyond human comprehension to life. 

Delve deep into the laboratory, find the 6 power stations, feed the M.O.N.S.T.E.R.-O-METER and grant the strange creature it’s life force. 

Audiences will encounter other characters in the lab such as delirious Prof Ninestein, fiercely loyal foreman Igor, and “organic matter” collectors Burke and Hare.  
Once the M.O.N.S.T.E.R.-O-METER reaches full power, specimens (that means you) will be called upon to bring the creature to life!  

See science’s greatest and most terrible achievement of all time, if you dare! 

You’ll be able to reach the festival site from most of the main roads into Paisley town centre, but please be aware there will be no access via Bridge Street, due to the one-way system in operation in the trail zone. Instead, please enter via Mill St/Gauze St or Forbes Place/Causeyside St.

Make sure you check out the site overview map which you can download using the link below! This map shows the two zones, and how you can access the event site: 


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