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Marginalised No More


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Celebrate diversity and explore themes of black activism, protest, power and identity with this day-long FREE festival inspired by the work and legacy of Bernie Grant

Bernie Grant was one of the first Black British MPs. These events are the creative outcomes from EEA's Young Producers programme exploring the Bernie Grant Archives.

Arts & Crafts Workshops and Family Drumming (2pm & 4pm)
Using the inspiration of Bernie Grant, the festival will explore themes of black activism, protest and power. Kicking off with a family programme of workshops exploring themes of peaceful protest and activism. There will be a free drumming and arts & crafts workshops. There will also be free face-painting and storytelling, these activities promise to be the perfect start to the festival. Everything is free and targeted at young people aged 5-15 – the perfect end to the half term holiday.

Unsung Tottenham (7pm & 8:15pm)
A night highlighting individuals from the area that have made a positive impact on society but are under-acknowledged. This event celebrates the achievement and talent of people from diverse backgrounds, giving people a sense of ownership of their history. Join us for a poignant night of discovery and exploration into Tottenham’s hidden heroes.

Starring Leeds-based spoken word rising star Kemar and Byron Wallace an exquisite trumpet player based in the Tottenham area, for as long as he can remember, playing a bespoke composition. Also starring Bernie Grant’s original record collection on the vinyl player! Join us for a journey of musical delights that wanders through the heart and soul of Tottenham, hearing the lesser heard stories that exist here and bringing them into the spotlight for one evening only.

Film Festival (7pm)
Ain’t No Black In The Union Jack: Black Britain Onscreen, featuring iconic and unique short films exploring Black British Identity. Handsworth Songs explores the riots that exploded in Birmingham and London in the mid 80’s in reaction to the repressive policing of black communities. Other shorts screened on the evening explore cultural identity and protest across black communities in striking and beautiful ways. Grab an armchair and a drink from the bar and settle in for the evening.

Black Steps Exhibition
In Black Steps, the story of the Black British experience is told through the lens of black and ethnic minority creatives, and displays an unapologetic view of life in black Britain. This experience will be a journey into the hearts and minds of British communities of colour, with art work, produced by the UK’s most talented artists.

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