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Ideal Palace And The Glitch


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Fri 30 July 2021 • 11:00am – 4:00pm

Visit Ideal Palace and The Glitch this Holiday Fun Friday!

The Ideal Palace is Part audio-theatre journey, part immersive art experience, part interactive trail; Ideal Palace will inspire innovation, quench wanderlust, invite playfulness and allow you to be transported around the world using your imagination. Inspired by the story of Ferdinand Cheval, a postman who was so dazzled by the beauty of the world he saw on the postcards he delivered, he spent 33 years building a magnificent palace out of these images he saw, using found objects and rocks. Join us and you too can create your own ideal palace, as well doing lots of other fun activities for all the family!

The Glitch In The Wardrobe is an interactive AR experience! explore virtual worlds co-created by children. Upon walking through, you will receive a toolkit to carry on your mission - including a treasure map, your keys' and extra surprises. You will need a device per group to access these portals and to explore the new dimensions, find the symbols and
collect the children's messages of hope. Explore the elements of nature - Earth, Water, Air, Fire and become protectors of the planet.

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