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Flight of Fancy


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Fri 31 May 2019 • 12:00am


28 Jul 2019 • 12:00am

We invite you to venture into places of limitless possibility and take a Flight of Fancy by peeking into the imaginations of others. This flight encompasses invention, digital animation, collaborative storytelling and surprise. A series of bird boxes will house micro installations, and members of the public are invited to peek into the hole and be transported to the depths and dizzying heights of young imaginations exploring journeys, wellbeing, families and values.

🦅 Saturday 6 July, 2-6PM – Rockclifee Gardens. Rockliffe Garden’s, Camdale Road, Plumstead, London, SE18 2DS

🐦Sunday 14 July, 12-4PM – Avery Hill. Avery Hill Park, Bexley Road, Bexley Road, Eltham SE9 2EH

🦆 Sunday 21 July, 12-4PM – Shewsbury Park. Shrewbury Park Plum Lane, Welling, London, Plumstead SE18 3NH

🦉 Sunday 28 July, 12-5PM – Mycenae Gardens. Mycenae Gardens, 90 Mycenae Rd, London SE3 7SE

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