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Dr Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory


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Fri 25 June 2021 • 9:00pm


25 Jun 2021 • 11:59pm

Dr Kronovator is coming to Coventry City of Culture 2021! 🔥🔥🔥

An intimate, magical and fiery spectacle will light up Caludon Castle this June as part of our Summer of Surprises.

In 1595, it’s believed that the site of Caludon Castle hosted the first performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. As the sun sets this Summer, this historic site will flicker to life with and transform the grounds of the castle into a place of wonder as you wander through, or stand and watch, always close enough to feel the heat.

Walk the Plank’s Fire Garden features intricately carved flaming flower boxes and delicately patterned floral chimneys, flame tipped bulrushes and copper lilies belching plumes of fire.

Visitors will encounter Dr. Kronovator’s Fire Laboratory - a stunning interactive experience with ingenious fire installations by Emergency Exit Arts and Lightfires. Wander through a vista of flames and chemical reactions to meet Dr. Kronovator and his acrobatic assistant as they prepare their experimental flame and steam powered contraptions. The installation will also include Walk The Plank’s Fire Garden.

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