No Plactic Fantastic at CarFest South


No Plastic Fantastic at CarFest South. We take over the Eden area of CarFest South with workshops and activities to raise awareness about plastic waste and recycling 🌱 Featuring the brilliant 🐋 Benny the beluga whale and Sally the stingray who will join a parade on Sunday at 11AM -- both of them are decorated with recycled plastic by our great artists

🌍 Eden is a place to be mindful of the world we live in and how to look after it. Throughout the weekend we’ll be building a communal sculpture from recycled plastic whilst learning about plastic’s impact on the environment. We’ll be asking visitors to collect plastic bottles at home and bring them with them to the festival to help us this statement piece of art – so start saving!

Event details

Fri 23 August 2019 • All day

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