What we doCarnival

Carnivals provide opportunities for communities to come together to celebrate who they are and transform their local public spaces with costumes, music, dance and extraordinary creations.

We create memorable processions and parades with thousands of people at cultural and civic events. Carnival EEA style has wit and artistry and is created through consultation with communities resulting in mass participation by people of all ages.

Our approach includes:

  • exploration into local cultures and heritage to create overarching themes and narrative
  • costumes that make participants appear to be larger than life
  • design that encourages people to express their own creative ideas
  • electrically powered floats and large scale mobile, animated centrepieces with PA systems on board
  • street theatre, live music and dance that bring the story of the carnival to life and keep the participants and spectators moving and smiling

Our teams of professional artists deliver inclusive, inspirational workshops with schools and community groups and we can offer professional development for artists interested in carnival arts.


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