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Enitan 'The Story Collector' is a giant walkabout puppet that can visit local parks, high streets and community spaces led by performers in flamboyant costumes playing percussion and singing, gathering an audience as they go. Once the puppet stops parading, it’s time for the story, and everyone is welcomed to sit around the puppet and hear its tale. This story is an epic journey of adventure and self-discovery which shines a light on the different stories and voices of the world, celebrating diversity and inspiring audiences to reflect on their own lives and consider how we all grow richer not by the things we own but by the life experiences we have and the friendships we make

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Story Collector EEA 6
Story Collector EEA 3
Story Collector EEA 9
Story Collector EEA 5
Story Collector EEA 8
Story Collector EEA 2

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