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Forget Mr. Fox, the fantastic Farrah is here, with a giant scooter to boot. Farrah has become a symbol of high street renewal and community activation. We are interested in finding further places who would like to part of Farrah's journey into 2024 and beyond. EEA can easily bring Farrah to your high street for a daytime or nightime spectacle. 

In addition we can offer: 

  • Community activation through training local volunteers to put on events in the High Street.
  • Co-creation of a local “host” puppet that can welcome Farrah and remain to become a mascot of your place.
  • Co-create a spectacular High Street Festival to attract focus and people on the rejuvenation of your high street.

Farrah is the latest addition to EEA's Menagerie of Puppets. Standing at over 5M high, not only can she scoot along any high street but also wave, dance, and even shake her tail. Captivating any audience. In addition, Farrah’s scooter has a built in PA system, so music and sound effects are possible.

Though born and bred in Greenwich, for the summer of 2023 Farrah embarked on a Journey across the UK, as a part of Historic England’s Hi! Street Fest

If you are interested in having Farrah visit your event, or discussing how EEA can help with your High Street please contact [email protected] for further discussion. 

We are also looking for 5 High Street partners to continue Farrah’s journey of exploration in 2024 and 2025. If interested in developing a co-creation project with us please contact [email protected] 

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Farrah with drummers
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