What we doThe Peace Poem

This 14ft high illuminated Peace Poem was created to commemorate the 100 years since the first day of peace after WWI. The large-scale mobile artwork, created with leading artist and poet Robert Montgomery, has been seen by thousands of people as it travelled along motorways to cities across the UK.

Become part of Paper Peace by booking the Peace Poem to come to your city or event. Email us at [email protected].

Paper Peace 3

During 2020 The Peace Poem has been touring across the UK engaging communities in discussions about peace, freedom and hope for the future. It was the centre of Coventry City of Culture 2021's major campaign #HumansOfCov.


The Peace Poems Driving Round London in Support of Peace in Ukraine

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6 B10 AC8 E F445 433 F 9 C5 B 5 B493 ABAFC52
0009 D219 FA3 F 42 DC BA93 67716 E13 B0 AF
C7 C2 FD13 35 BA 40 DA 922 C A65 F966 C6 E2 F
CCB848 CA 12 A4 4 DCC A733 C7 E8 D5 B94827
66 CA8 A55 EEFC 4772 AE6 C 6 DBDF6330 F14
D8 C18037 7 A5 D 441 B 99 E0 C9062 D89 ACE8
FFC594 CC 0 C62 400 B A3 F8 EE9229 A3 DCE7
C50899 BB D58 E 46 CD 8 F6 B AAD3 D15 C9 A62
6 C3 E016 C 3 F8 D 4 F86 BE5 A B77 DE117 BDA0

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