What we doCabinet of Oddities and Curiosities

Lose yourself in our world of the odd, the unique and the strange as we invite the curiously minded to pay a visit to the Cabinet of Oddities & Curiosities.

Our interactive installation will “appear” at your venue and our team of Collectors will introduce you to their horde of the most intriguing and unique objects the world has to offer - from sharks’ teeth to time-travelling pocket watches. The objects have been carefully chosen to inspire curiosity, creative writing and expand imaginations.


  • Primary Schools
  • Libraries
  • Museum/Heritage Centres
  • Community Hubs

See the Cabinet of Oddities and Curiosities brought to life here.


A dynamic creative learning offer for both children and their families using objects as portals into imaginary worlds, EEA’s flare brought our museum to life!

Martha Burns-Findlay, National Maritime Museum