Working with youHeritage & Museums

EEA delivers projects across the country co-creating with communities, and local cultural partners.

We like to enable local participants, partners, and artists to develop skills and have opportunities to be creatively engage with heritage.

We work with museums, heritage trusts and natural heritage sites to deliver engaging arts programmes to help bring your collections to life and allow audiences to engage with them in a new light.

We can work with you to fundraise for your projects and make your vision a reality.

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Hi Street Fest Farrah and town crier and host puppet Gloucester credit Historic England
Hi Street Fest Finale Woolwich Farrah and host puppets and Sardine Dance 2023 credit Historic England
Medway Light Nights2023 7 J7 A1846 Credit Pablo Larrosa
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Here are some examples of EEA's unique heritage offer:


EEA can work with almost any budget to help diverse audiences & participants engage with historic sites, archives, libraries and other places where heritage is key. 

Hi! Street Fest 

Working in partnership with Historic England, and 7 Heritage Action Zones across the country, EEA co-created a carnival project, engaging 14,000 participants and audiences over 60,000 to appreciate & celebrate their historic high streets. See film here and evaluation here

Medway Light Nights

In 2022 & 2023 EEA curated a light festival in Medway to engage local communities in the historic landscape in the area. This attracted audiences of 60,000 over 2 days.

Bishopsgate Institute & Bernie Grant Trust

Funded through Heritage Lottery Fund, these year long projects inspired young people from diverse backgrounds in London, to engage with, and creatively respond to archives. 

Henry Waghorn Mural Farrah Gloucester banner

“Farrah has been an amazingly successful symbol of renewal of our historic high streets across the country, loved by everyone who sees her.”— Head of Creative Programmes, Historic England

“It was an extraordinarily memorable event for our group, marking our first participation as an African community in this historic parade, a tradition spanning 800 years.” - Our Heritage UK 


So, whether it is building a long-term audience engagement strategy, or bringing one of our wonderful, giant mechanical puppets of historical characters to your event... we can offer a variety of creative ideas & solutions. Please contact [email protected] to discuss your potential project.