EEA Young Producers Programme

We are currently working with over 100 Young Producers across the UK. Our programmes work to diversify the sector by bringing exciting new talent and fresh perspective into the outdoor arts sector. Often we will work with a heritage partner, such as the Bishopsgate Institute, The Bernie Grant Trust, Bradford’s Peace Museum who will provide archives and heritage skills training which allow for a unique exploration into social and political contexts of the places in which we work.

As a result the creative work produced is thought provoking, cutting edge, and champions diverse programming. We believe absolutely in offering up ambitious opportunities in which the Young Producers can cut their teeth and put their newly developed skills to the test,. Whether that be programming a festival stage at a busy summer arts festival, or commissioning a visual arts piece for a well-known London arts centre, the young people have true creative license and agency over their own projects , as well as having proper budgets to work with is at the heart of our method.

Marginalised No More

An exploration into race relations in the UK between the 1980’s and today using the Bernie Grant Archive. We work with a cohort of 18, 18-25 year olds in Tottenham. Creative responses go live in September 2019.

Moon Festival Creative Producers

A group of 9 young producers develop skills in making and commissioning outdoor work and then programme a live outdoor event as part of 2019’s Moon Festival’s opening street party in Woolwich General Gordon Square, July 2019

Thamesmead Young Producers

15 Young producers from Thamesmead develop their skills in event planning and programming outdoor work and then programme a festival area and stage at this year’s Lakeside Festival , Thamesmead July 6th 2019.

Paper Peace Young Producers

We will unearth the history of peace activism with a new generation with the Paper Peace Young Producers programme. 48 people across the country aged 18 to 25 will receive training from arts practitioners and museum experts in curatorial and event production, learning to interpret a variety of historical sources from the past century and connecting with peace building heritage in their local area. The Young Producers will collaborate with professional artists to help realise their ideas and create a series of artworks that will form part of the Paper Peace finale events in autumn 2019.

Paper Peace is a year-long national arts and heritage programme. Created by renowned outdoor arts company Emergency Exit Arts, in association with B Arts, Creative Scene, Ideas Test and Vivacity. Paper Peace will shed light on the legacy of treaties, the fragile nature of peace and the strength of the communities and individuals who work to sustain it.

Made possible with support from:

Arts Council England HLF
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