Empowering Love

The Empowering Love programme looks at what makes a relationship healthy or abusive, with the aim of educating participants and promoting relevant support services. Through the programme we explore consent, early warning signs (red and green flags), coercive control and sexual harassment among other topics.

As a way to process their thoughts on the topic, the students created artwork based on what they learnt from the programme. They were given an artistic brief regarding the opportunity to have their work on display at an exhibition in EEA's home, Rothbury Hall. Exploring healthy relationships through fine art, photography and film, the two exhibitions displayed the work created by Y7, Y8 and Y13 students from Thomas Tallis School and Y10 Art students from Eltham Hill School.

If you are interested in booking the Empowering Love programme for your school or setting, please get in contact! Email [email protected] for more details.

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Photography by Christine Lutzu - Eltham Hill Exhibition

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Photography by EEA - Thomas Tallis Exhibition

Thomas Tallis Square Poster
Eltham Hill Poster