What we doDrama Toolkit

Within our drama across the curriculum CPD we deliver creative and practical drama techniques and exercises. Drama helps build courageousness, resilience, imagination, memory, concentration, problem solving, questioning, risk taking, rigour, passion, curiosity, empathy, cooperation and communication. Motivation and confidence improve the wellbeing of students and their relationships with each other and their teachers. We demonstrate how Drama can provide momentum for creativity and inventiveness across your school and how it can be embraced within any subject.

Through practical activities and by providing takeaway resources, we can share and explore these principles through a toolkit approach. The activities we provide will enhance and support the curriculum. The training provides teachers with tools and the confidence to identify opportunities in their own classroom.


Brilliant CPD! All of the drama ideas were really good and transferable to the classroom.

A staggering range of activities that will help with confidence and imagination of our children.

An enjoyable session with some great ideas that can be used in class especially the active storytelling and how to get all the children involved.

All of the activities were easy to understand and highly adaptable in the classroom. It was great fun. Thank you.

Great ideas to engage shy talkers and disengaged boys.

So many amazing ideas. Thank you.

Teacher feedback from the Hearts Academy Trust


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